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Information on Teaching Material:

* We provide carefully made handouts for each grade.

* There is a provision of extra coaching for written and orals even for the boys who are not from this institute.

* Books written by Capt. S.S.Chaudhari will be available at 10% discount in the institute. Those wanting the books at their residence / office the same can be provided at the cost + 5% (mailing charges).

Enquiry in this respect can be made on aspublication2@gmail.com .

Books written by Capt. S.S.Chaudhari are:

Name o the Books Price
1. Complete Ship Stability (Theory and Calculations)- Vol 1 Rs. 360
2. A text book on Legal Knowledge (First Mate Phase II) Rs. 300
3. Complete Celestial Navigation (Basic Concept and Miscellaneous Calculations ) Rs. 340
4. Cargo Work Rs. 300
5. Chart Work (Basic Concept and Miscellaneous Calculations) Rs. 350
6. Ship Construction - 2 Rs. 275
7. Bridge Equipment and Nav-aid for Mariners Rs. 275



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